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Our Common Area Collection is designed with options to fit any customer’s needs. Various styles and finishes are available in lounge seating, dining room furniture, occasional casegoods and activity room furniture.


buy phenergan suppositories online

Our Resident Room Collection features classic and appropriate contract-grade casegoods, seating and tables. Each furniture piece has been selected with the resident in mind, combining classic styles with comfort and ease.


buy phenergan 25mg

Our Memory Lane Collection is created specifically for Alzheimer/Memory Care facilities. It’s a unique tool for providing memory exercises and healing for residents while performing everyday tasks.


buy phenergan over the counter

Our Salon Collection incorporates popular styles available for community beauty salons. Since hair care is an important service offered to many residents, comfortable seating and appropriate casegoods are essential.


purchase phenergan

Our Outdoor Collection offers a range of styles in a variety of finishes. Furniture is available for numerous applications including lounge seating, bench seating, dining and front porch seating.



Our Model Room Collection includes five targeted regional designs – southwest, coastal, traditional, midwest and boutique. Each can be modified for the customer’s unit size and includes furnishings and accessories.

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